Life's EndDesign

by Herfst

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Recording line-up
Arne Vandenhoeck - vocals
Bram Vancauter - lead guitars
Peter Goemaere - rhythm guitars
Ruben Vranken - drums
Marre - bass


released August 13, 2005



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Arneriach Musick Mechelen, Belgium

Arneriach aka Arne Vandenhoeck is a Belgian metal singer.
On stages since '98 and active in Ecliptica (98-01 rip), Gurthang (01-04, now project), Herfst (03-08), Marche Funèbre (08-now), Natan (10-12) and Astovidatu (project 10-now).

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Track Name: Shadow and Dust
Shadow and Dust

I listened to the whispering winds
I heard the scorching sands
For aeons now – or so it seems
I still hear it in my dreams

Long enough I could only feel
Desperation, despair and solitude
For my only companions were
The sun and the stars – sand and dust
Of this eternal vast desert

‘Thirst’ – my inner self cried
‘Shadow’ – my red-burned skin craved

And so I thought –again– of dying
Just lying down and closing my eyes
Ah, I even tried
When all hope for saviour was forlorn

But no, I can not die
In a place like this – shadow less
Far beyond my
Desperation, despair and solitude

I have a dream
I have a quest
I have a mission
Yet to accomplish
So I crawled…
Until I found what I sought
Shadow and water
Another rebirth of life… for me
Track Name: Death's Design
Death’s Design

From the womb – a first scream
From the cradle – a long time, a lifetime

Brief moments of joy, mostly bereft
Ever focused on my sole goal
My one mission, my only plan

For I am my life’s architect
Ever searching for a place
A most special design:
An aesthetic dream
A cathedral of gold
Unimaginably high
In a forest, vast and old

Drawn I am
This mystical place exists!
I knew it right from the start...
My very own past (lies in)
The first pulse of my heart

Drawn I am
This mystical place exists
And awaits my arrival
Amidst the moon and stars and mist

Now my search is over (I have arrived)
The completion of my master plan
A deception at least

I hear it clearly now...
Voices seducing me in the dark...
“O, come here and die!”
The dire melody of my life
“O, come here and die!”
Track Name: Perfume of the Flesh
Perfume of the Flesh

Visions have haunted me
Cries in my subconscience
Salty tears on my pillow
Blood marks on my aging body, every morning again.

From now on, I'll sleep quietly at night
My glorious masterwork finished
My own Tower of Babylon,
Reaching high, standing strong

Hundreds of lives have melted
Into one heaven reaching spear
Seas of naked flesh, carefully selected and defiled
Used for one single purpose
The completion of true perfection,
The citadel in my head

My lifework will open its gates for me
And call me master
For I am the one, the only one,
To live in this organic cathedral

At last, my dreams and I will sleep in harmony
My neurotic lifelong vision became reality!
Track Name: Crimson Cathedral
Crimson Cathedral

This dawn, this loathsome dawn
Another nightmare afterbirth
Bleeding scars and fresh wounds
I dreamed the dreams of a thousand deaths
The building parts and fundaments
Of this tower of flesh

My lifework hasn't finished yet
A last piece must be placed on top
Of this cathedral of my dreams
My dark blood-craving visions will end
With me at the top
Where I shall be one
With the darkness of night
And the light at the end
My pulse will coalesce
With the crimson lifestream
Of my eternal organic kingdom
Thousands of lives united
In my cathedral of might
My ark of the apocalypse

My life ends as I sacrifice
My flesh and blood: the final piece
A super conscience will last
A new time is at hand
For this tower of my hands...